Sustainability in the rural house

Sustainability is our way of doing things. Our identity is part of a set of values. In our daily work, we like to maintain and preserve our environment sustainably.

Sustainability involves having to take account of its three main perspectives: socio-cultural, economic and environmental. They are three points that been applied in the past and can be applied over the next years in the rural areas. In the vision, we consider sociocultural traditions of the territory. The economic vision guarantees the continuity of the work. The environmental vision is the way that we care for the environment and habitat.

In this blog, we talk about sustainability to discuss the advantages it provides. For example, we have a large rainwater tank that collects water from the roof and then watered the gardens of the house. We have solar panels to generate hot water. Participate and collaborate in a timely manner to allow spaces to perform outdoor sports. Conserve and care for our environment. We ask professional services in the region.

Through these actions, seek to be able to work effectively and efficiently. Given our commitment and responsibility to be part of the monitoring generations as we found. We maintain the chain of sustainable values. We are a family that follows in the footsteps of generations maintaining traditional values inherited from our lineage peasant, yet we upgraded to be more competitive within our industry.

Doing rural tourism in the region of Berguedà, near Barcelona, there is the added value to highlight that is the service of personalized direct treatment. We seek to give the best quality and guarantee through our way of considering the main axes to provide sustainable tourism.


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