Mushroom route in Berguedà

Mushroom route in the Berguedà. The secret that everybody wants to know to enjoy the forest. Apart from taking a good walk, you can fill the basket and enjoy the fairs and markets of towns in the region.

Route to know places in our territory. Autumn offers unique images that invite you to enjoy the forest while looking for the precious fruits, the mushrooms. The villages also offer a wide range of fairs and markets where the protagonist is the mushroom.

To look for mushrooms we have to look at the environment. Pay attention to the types of trees that exist. If the space is sunny or shadow. Other factors that can condition a good harvest are meteorology itself.

We must be prepared to walk without losing guidance. There years, it is easier than others to find mushrooms. You have to be patient. If the place is very humid, better go to a more solitary space. However, it can done in reverse. If it observed that, the forest is very dry better look for the humidity of the shadows. You need to move from one place to another so you do not miss the opportunity to find many mushrooms.

El Berguedà is one of the regions with the greatest bollard tradition. Its privileged location means that many mushrooms can found in almost the entire region. There are different types: from the appreciated sprouts to sprigs, vines, mushrooms or ferns…

Berguedà is especially rich in sprouts. If your goal is to find this mushroom, you may be lucky. Remember to look for them in sunny areas and pine forests.

However, if nature does not end up giving us the fruits we wanted, there is always the option of going to the mushroom fairs and markets. In the fall, many towns fill the square or the street with mushroom stalls. In our municipality of Olvan we have the Boletus Market in the center of Cal Rosal. From our country houses, it is very easy to go there.

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