Give a weekend

Give a weekend and many experiences. Live the time to make a gift to the one you love. A weekend in one of our rural houses: Baluard, Volta or Cal Cisteller. It is an idea to be able to express for a moment how much fun it will be to share a weekend.

Give and make happy the people with whom you want to share fun moments. Sometimes, when the holidays and celebrations arrive, you do not know which gift to choose. A new experience that remembered forever. Experiences enrich us, while routine leaves us the same. The experiences do not come alone, and if you want to live them, you should look for them. A weekend that does not miss the good living. You just have to think about how it would be a few days in the rural house and plan it.

Different ideas to serve as inspiration. In the rural house, you want to choose you can make routes, games and activities with farm animals. Routes for our environment with the map that we will provide you or spaces to visit in the region. Games to spend fun moments: minigolf, pim pom, table football, petanque or football. Activities to get to know the farm animals: bottle feed small lambs, take the chickens for a walk or give the pony a special snack. To fight the cold the fireplace, in the good weather the pool and for the whole year barbecue.

Give, plan, live the moment and share experiences. Things you can do in real time with who else you want it. You should be able to enjoy the most essential moment to enlarge the stay. What may seem like a small gift makes a difference in the result of being a great gift.

It is a gift for any occasion, you just have to choose the dates in the calendar of the rural house and make the reservation: Baluard, Volta or Cal Cisteller.


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