Catalan donkey farm is Fuives

Farm to visit in the Berguedà region. It is an activity designed for the children of the family but parents will also have a great time. In the same municipality of Olvan, where we have our rural houses, you can find the World Centre of the Catalan Donkey.

Farm of the Catalan donkey. It is a place to enjoy these animals and their environment located in the middle of nature. The name of this animal, the donkey, also known as the stallion. It is a centre where is the largest reserve of Catalan donkeys in the world. This autochthonous race was in danger of extinction.

The objective of Fuives was to spread the knowledge of an autochthonous race. Currently, through guided tours you can know the work of recovery and maintenance of the animal. It also explains the characteristics of the stallions and their needs such as food, their behaviour…

It is advisable to communicate the visit in advance. During the guided tour, you will see stalls. The breed and the history of exploitation is known through an audovisual. There is also an Eco museum to see an exhibition of field tools to show how the land is worked when the Catalan donkey was the engine.

By the way, if someone ever tells you that you’re a donkey, do not get mad! The Catalan donkey is the best race in the world. It is a very smart animal, more than other animals. The truth is also that it is a very stubborn animal, but who said that stubbornness is a defect?. We all know that to carry the car and achieve any goal you have to be stubborn, that is, constant and persevering.

From our rural houses: Baluard, Volta and Cal Cisteller, just a few minutes by car to get to Fuives. Do you fancy?



  1. ELENA zafra  October 9, 2020

    Buenos días,

    Desearía hacer una visitar a Fuives para ver los burros catalanes. Seria en fin de semana.
    Del 10-12 de Octubre si hay fechas libre. Para 2 personas.
    Espero que me confirmación y precio de la visita.

  2. Luciana Lopez  December 21, 2020

    What a great article! You should definitely check this farm! =>


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