Territory is heredity

The territory in sixty years, the landscape has changed very little about Ferreres, shed and little else.

It retains the ancestral territory all around. Ferreres now as it was before, even with the adjustments necessary to modernize without losing the scent rural and agricultural.

At first glance what stands out is the color of the image and quality. It is difficult to see, but sixty years ago there was no other building apart from the house itself and the small chapel on the left. Currently on the left and right are different sheds used to be no animals: calves, sheep and lambs.

The fields remain in front of the house all the way perimeter. They have gone from small parcels to be much larger. The size has evolved in parallel considering the size of the machines.

The forest has changed; sixty years ago there was not much forest vegetation. The roads to reach the house could be perceived better.

Today we see the blue of the pool. The evolution of economic activity has become a tourism product offering optimized services to the extent possible. While maintaining the essence of the primary sector, our work aims to make prevails the sustainability of the farm.

Maintain the balance between authenticity and modernity. We seek in our agrotourism establishments that people who are staying can see firsthand the work with farm animals. We offer establishments which dominates the comfort and warmth to feel at home.

The stay must be a set of experiences where you can see the historical evolution of the Catalan region and in particular Ferreres. The passage of time will not erase the essence of the territory.

I thank Joan for having facilitated the link Beta Portal ICGC, historical evolution of Catalan territory.


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