Harvest time

Has arrived !, it’s time to enjoy and get the fruit that has worked for almost a year.

It’s nice to see how the fields picking the golden color indicates that it is running the maturation of the crop to be harvested and to make the use sees fit depending on the variety of seed that has been sown considered.

When we speak of cereal seed we refer, for example, wheat or barley cereals have two very similar but are very different at the time, as you can see in the picture where the main wheat which is barley left and right.

Wheat is a characteristic feature that large oval with rounded ends, one of its uses is the preparation of bread. The grain of barley is tapered, thicker in the center and thinner towards the edges, one of its uses is to brewing.

It must be said that both cereals have many more utilities consumption either animal or human.



  1. El germanet  July 2, 2016

    El millor d’anar a segar és la migdiada sota el roure, amb un càntir o un porró al costat.

    • Mª Àngels  July 2, 2016

      Si si germanet, no tot és fer feina, també hi ha moments per gaudir d’una bona ombra del roure, cal viure moments i experiències que ens ofereixen els recursos naturals de l’entorn rural.


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