Route “Tines de Ferreres”

To make a route, sometimes you do not need to find great trips curiosities of our ancestors. 

The route is just minutes from the house Baluard. We can find a rock where there is Les Tines de Ferreres. These excavations in the rock were made to produce wine at the top there are three holes that are bigger, which was supposed grapes and communicated to the three smaller holes understood that he was to collect the juice obtained from pressing the grapes and thus produce wine.

We must get to know places like Tines de Ferreres. You should know the story of our past to assess the inheritance received. This route allows you to see a very nice visit. We take care to preserve it and respect it as part of our environment. 

The Baluard provide a map prepared by ourselves. The map serves as a guide to make this little excursion family. We offer digital and on paper. Simply request it during your stay in one of our establishments.

Have special places next door is priceless. Other routes we are to enjoy the area. Live the experience to enjoy the riches of nature and history.

We have also made other routes. All doors can be started from the establishment. You only need to fine weather. It is recommended to follow the signs to perceive sensations offered by nature itself.

Other routes distinguish between them because each one has a distinctive feature. The very name suggests: the stream Portella, pine or strange walking the tree laughing. Personally, what I like is the path of the stream Portella.

We encourage you to do the tour !



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