Relax, space and nature for rural tourism

Relax is what you can get when you have decided to spend a few days in one of our establishments: Baluard, Volta or Cal Cisteller. Space and nature predominates in our environment where you can enjoy the tranquillity.

Relax that we need to make a break from everyday life. Nature allows to enjoying the natural perception of our senses than surrounds. Listen to the birds, feel the air on our face and panoramic view of the countryside are things you can do. Advantages of a break to practice the modality of rural tourism.

cafetera-tetera-cafe-te-relaxOur establishments are to enjoy a break in time. Provide little extras to make it more comfortable. In Baluard you can choose to make a tea, coffee or tea in cafetera-relaxthe dining room or on the terrace. In the Volta, appreciate good coffee while watching the trees as dancer to the rhythm that marks the wind. Cal Cisteller when the coffee has gone you can go to hear the sound of the water stream. Look, see or hear are actions that relax in natural surroundings.

The silence and tranquillity prevails in time. Smiles broke allow each establishment of calm with a glass of wine or cava. For those who want a touch of alcohol in Volta and there is Baluard sip cups. Just the willingness to improvise according to time of day or night.

Nature is to oxygenate, renew and charge batteries. The experiences and memories that help keep relaxing in the day to day is need in return of your home.

You must be able to retain all the good moments that have lived in the stay of our establishments. Explain, show and share the feelings that were perceive at every moment.

You join a cocktail consisting rural relax, space and nature?


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