Recycle in the rural home

Recycle at rural home to preserve the environment. It must be possible to combine leisure time with good practices and good habits. Apply routines to help reduce the pace of waste generation.

Recycle now thought for a future. By doing rural tourism you can enjoy the stay and contribute in our environment. If we choose correctly, we avoid throwing products that damage and impair the natural environment. We have recycling bins to make the selection easier:
– To the blue, paper and cardboard.
– To the green, the glass.
– Yellow, plastic containers and cans.
– In grey, the rejection.

If we protect the environment, natural resources will not be exhaust. We will improve the quality of life. Recycling is a reflection of culture and proves to be aware of the social responsibility that we have as people. In addition, good practices can be use such as not wasting water or light if you do not need us.

It is imperative that we assume that we have a problem for us all before us. It must be resolved voluntarily and from home. Among all, a healthy and sustainable society must be achieve. For us and for future generations.

A simple gesture such as recycling contributes to advantages for the environment, the economy and health. It fights against climate change. In the waste management, the 3R rule must be applied:
Reduce: avoid or reduce the generation of waste.
Reuse: give a new use to the product before throwing it.
Recycle: deposit the waste correctly to the colour of the container that corresponds.

Not recycling, it not only produces disadvantages in our society but also affects our flora and fauna.

The importance of recycling is to separate well. This results in depositing each residue within the relevant container.

Separating well is the base!


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