Spring color joy

Spring is the season where they leave the bright colours and cheerful. It is nice being able to walk through the woods. Look around and see the fountains and streams that are filled with water from the snowmelts in the mountains. A season extended the hours of the day. The temperature is nice and warm. Weather permitting to make a good barbecue day. At night sometimes necessary to turn on the fireplace. Leave the winter and we will were wait for the sweet summer.

Spring begins in late March. Days before we are enjoying good temperatures. It seems that no longer remember the cold of winter and we want to advance to the best comfort. It is a nice resort where the highlight colours. Sprout a variety of trees and plants flourish. However, keep in mind the popular saying in our area that ensures that when the cold just because sprouting oak is the only tree that sprouts new leaves freeze.

The symbolism of spring refers to the vitality of youth, beauty and green. Our rural establishments: Baluard, Volta and Cal Cisteller are in place in nature. When you are making a stay in our establishments, there is nothing better than a walk to see, smell and breathe the spring. We have hiking trails in our immediate surroundings; some are shorter than others are. We also have the route Cal Rosal Pedret bridge, a journey that we pretty Berguedà. The senses are awakened in rural areas benefiting them all our properties.

Think Spring is thinking positive. It is time to renew, to remove layers and relieve us. It is time to prepare for the summer holidays and enjoy time to yourself.


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