Pedraforca the Berguedà mountain

Pedraforca is an emblematic mountain of Catalonia located in the Berguedà region. The name has a close relation to its form. It is a mountain singular because of its shape. Its structure looks like the fork and is made of stone.

Pedraforca is a magical mountain, conquers the people who can see it and who goes up falls in love with its beauty. It is located between Saldes and Gósol, in the high Berguedà. Its highest point has an altitude of 2,506 meters. Its peculiar form of fork: its two summits, the pollegons, are separated by a great neck, the Enforcadura. The most well-known and popular view of Pedraforca is that of its eastern slope, from the valley of Saldes. The Pedraforca massif is located in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park and is classified as a Natural Place of National Interest due to its great biological and geological wealth. There are several routes to make the summit.

The stretch trail from Saldes is spectacular for the places that are going through. Leave the car in the space of the viewpoint of the Gresolet. Take the path through the forest until you reach the refuge of Lluís Estasen. In front of the shelter there is an informative panel and the indicators that mark different routes: for the scree and verdet. The path to follow is very clear, over time a lot of people have passed and it is marked naturally. To avoid confusion, this route is marked with white streaks and yellow. The path is going up the forest. When there are no trees anymore it goes up the side of the scree until it reaches the fork. At this moment you can see both sides of the mountain, on the one hand Gósol and on the other, Saldes. The path continues marked to climb the highest peak of the mountain. The descent is done in the same place.

Yay! Summit achieved! the emotions you have are fantastic!



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