The Patum is a great party

They begin the celebrations of the Patum held every year in Berga, the capital of the Berguedà. It is a festival that coincides with the date of Corpus Christi, it celebrated from the fourteenth century and 2005 Immaterial Cultural Heritage was proclaimed.

Patum is a festival where the senses and feelings predominate, with different melodies the “patumaires” dance with the groups:
• The Tabal is the harbinger of the party
• The Turcs i Caballets is one of the oldest dance party
• The Maces represent the eternal struggle between good and evil
• The Angels represent good fighting evil
• The Guites are the most primitive elements of the Patum
• The Àliga dances the most majestic and appreciated dance
• The Nans Vells are figures with tricorn hats and castanets
• The Giants defeated former Muslim leaders
• The Nans Nous four festive characters and misshapen
• The Plens is the apotheosis of the party
• The Tirabol gives the final point of the Patum

This year, 2017, for the first time, a draw was made to be able to jump as a Ple. There were doubts about the risk it could pose to the safety of the Patum that this year could skip people without experience or, which is still much worse: without a credited companion and expert knowledge of how a full jump is developed, one of the Moments of maximum risk of the celebration. The jump takes about three minutes and 100 people are dressed in demons with 9 petards (6 in the head and 3 in the tail), with more than 5,000 people accompanying them in the square of Sant Pere to dance to the rhythm of music.

The companion is a key figure in a full jump. It is the eyes of the saltador who, stuffed inside the frog and the tight carota, just has to breathe and move when it’s time to jump. A good companion must guide the jumper and must avoid crushing it and getting it back in the square. Patum-ple

Good Patum!


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