Olvan, town and municipality of Berguedà

Olvan is our municipality. It is part of the Berguedà region. It formed by two nuclei: the town of Olvan and Cal Rosal. According to the municipal census of inhabitants in 2016, there were 855 people. It is located between the outskirts of Gironella and Berga.

Olvan is a territory where the most important economic activity is agriculture. We find, above all, the cultivation of cereals and fodder. Livestock predominates beef and pork. The World Centre of the Catalan Donkey, a centre dedicated to the conservation of Catalan donkey, is worthy of mention. One of the popular festivals in the region is for Saint Sebastià or the rice festival. According to the legend, it was this saint who released the population of the black plague and, in gratitude, his inhabitants decided to offer each year the main course of his meal to the needs that were in the town of Olvan on January 20. Olvan-turisme-Bergueda

Cal Rosal was a great textile colony in the 19th century. The narrow-gauge railroad that went over the Llobregat from Manresa had stopped at Cal Rosal, it was considered the station of Berga. Now Cal Rosal is a nucleus of population with its own personality. Its fairs as the mushroom market and its commercial activity are an economic engine directed to the services.

The municipality is large and diverse. It has many fantastic natural places and resources to explore in the family. The church of Santa Maria de Valldaura is a small example of the 13th century Romanesque that created as a place to pray of the monastery of the nuns. The Orniu Bridge built between the 17th and 18th centuries with Romanesque remains. The cattle route. The fountain of Pere Casas or Fèlix’s fountain…

From our rural home, you can enjoy the authenticity of a territory of Central Catalonia.


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