Smell of spring in the rural home

Smell of nature surrounds us. We are on March 15 and we are already at the gates of spring. The days are extending and spring colours are coming out with their smells. It passes a winter with soft tones to spring that brings us intense colours. Our surroundings, of the rural house, are very beautiful. The green of the fields, the colours of flowers, the blue of the sky and the sun that shines, is very nice to see. The image combined with the smells of the surroundings make the stay in the rural house fuller of good feelings.

Smell of spring! Like the smells that emerge from plants and flowers, while I walk in the woods. It is the rebirth station, where plants and flowering flourish again. This station is associated with vitality, youth, beauty and green. It is nice to look around and see the fountains and streams that fill with the water of the snow that is undone from the mountains. Time can be quite changing. However, walking through the woods after rain is priceless, the smells of plants boosted, and spring can to be breather. The senses are in the rural environment, benefitting from all of our properties.

We are already enjoying good temperatures. It seems that we no longer remember the cold of winter and we want to move towards better comfort. Time goes by to make a good day barbecue. At night, it is sometimes necessary to turn on the fireplace.

The beginning of spring is at the end of March. It is a very important month for the crops; it begins to go back its biological activity after the winter break. In this month, time is insecure and crazy. The saying goes: March has thirty-one days and three hundred features.

Thinking about spring is thinking positive. It is time to renew, remove layers and lighten us. We leave the winter and we are waiting for the sweet summer.


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