Halloween or chestnuts and “panellets”

Halloween is a party for remember the dead. The time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering saints, martyrs, and all the faithful departed. In our region is traditional to eat chestnuts and buns. Is celebrate the last day of month of October.

Halloween is a happy party. The children celebrate this day with costumes and trick or treat ask to play. In our territory is very typical to eat chestnuts and panallets.

Here we celebrate the castanyada. A festival of Catalonia held by All Saints. It consists of food autumn fruits like chestnuts, sweet potatoes, candied fruit and panallets. As is typical drink muscat.

The list of food energy comes from these desserts, as before, on the eve of All Saints, touched the bell all night to scare away evil spirits and forces had to be. Chestnuts also help pass the cold hands when he was lucky to be the chestnut that sold roasted chestnuts on the street.

Play trick or treat from other cultures. The children were playing in the doors of neighboring houses. If opens when the neighbor gives them candy or jelly then have treatment. If when the neighbor open the door and gives them anything, children can pull a stunt like foam in front of the house or the neighbor wrapped with toilet paper.

Pumpkin orange with a drawing of a face and light inside there are those who use it. On the eve of All Saints is place in the window for fear of evil spirits and these probably will not enter the houses.

All this is still a party that combines fear and fun, it is a festival that is annually in the fall.


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