Hen is a rural experience

biberón-experienciaHen is one of the experiences that you can enjoy breakfast in the lodge house. It is an activity hen’s home. Every day in the afternoon, do activity with farm animals. First, prepare a bottle milk for small lambs. Milk should be well water hot. The small lambs they like very milk made by children. After giving the milk, we go with hens to eat the herbs of the environment. Because rural tourism in Berguedà has surprises! 

Hen hen, slowly, all leave their roost. The let them eat something from herbs. Sometimes eat a small insect or worm. Scratch the earth and walk a little. Later, we can close. To close them we have to take to get them to their roost. Small assistants who enjoy the house that are able to experience touch and catch the chicken. It is the ideal time to take a picture!

Although the experience of hens is fun. We also provide activities for small lambs with bottle milk. It consists of preparing the bottle with hot water and powdered milk. The milk powder is special for lambs. When it is well stirred and you can fill the bottle. We do a fair amount for all the lambs there at the time. Depending on the size of the lamb will have a whole bottle or half bottle. It is a fun activity. The children family they like very and the parents do many photographs. Whenever they doing milk bottle is a fantastic and unique experience. Worth living a moment like this. Enjoy the feel of wool lamb. See Lamb enjoys the bottle.

Small animals are very happy, they like the visit!


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