Celebrate chestnut or halloween

Celebrate the party of castanyada or halloween in a rural house. It is a way to spend these days, with family or with friends. These are the days marked by the liturgical year dedicated to reminding saints, martyrs, and all the deceased faithful. In our region it is traditional to eat chestnuts and panellets. It is celebrated on the last day of October.

Celebrate the castanyada in good company. It is a popular party of Catalonia. They eat autumn fruits such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, panellets or candied fruit. As a typical drink, muscatel is used. Elsewhere, the tradition is that children like to enjoy these days with costumes and play to ask for a trick or treat.

The relationship of eating these energetic desserts comes from the fact that, before All Saints’ vigilance, the bells were played all night to frighten the evil spirits and had to have strength. The chestnuts also helped to pass the cold hands when it was lucky to find the chestnut woman who came toasted chestnuts to the street.

The trick or treat game comes from other cultures. The boys and girls are going to touch the doors of the neighboring houses. If when the neighbor opens he gives them candies or jellies, then they have treated. If the neighbor opens the door and does not give anything to them, the boys and girls can do some trick like throwing foam at the door of the house or wrapping the neighbor with toilet paper.

There is also some who use the orange pumpkin with a face and light inside. For the vigil of All Saints, he is put to the window to scare the evil spirits so probably they will not enter the houses.

All this is still a holiday that combines fear and fun, we are there!


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