Sustainability in the rural house

Sustainability is our way of doing things. Our identity is part of a set of values. In our daily work, we like to maintain and preserve our environment sustainably.

Sustainability involves having to take account of its three main perspectives: socio-cultural, economic and environmental. They are three points that been applied in the past and can be applied over the next years in the rural areas. In the vision, we consider sociocultural traditions of the territory. The ...

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Hen is a rural experience

biberón-experienciaHen is one of the experiences that you can enjoy breakfast in the lodge house. It is an activity hen’s home. Every day in the afternoon, do activity with farm animals. First, prepare a bottle milk for small lambs. Milk should be well water hot. The small lambs they like very milk made by children. After giving the milk, we ...

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Relax, space and nature for rural tourism

Relax is what you can get when you have decided to spend a few days in one of our establishments: Baluard, Volta or Cal Cisteller. Space and nature predominates in our environment where you can enjoy the tranquillity.

Relax that we need to make a break from everyday life. Nature allows to enjoying the natural perception of our senses than surrounds. Listen to the birds, feel the air on our face and panoramic view of the countryside ...

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Route “Tines de Ferreres”

To make a route, sometimes you do not need to find great trips curiosities of our ancestors. 

The route is just minutes from the house Baluard. We can find a rock where there is Les Tines de Ferreres. These excavations in the rock were made to produce wine at the top there are three holes that are bigger, which was supposed grapes and communicated to the three smaller holes understood that he was to collect ...

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Celebrate chestnut or halloween

Celebrate the party of castanyada or halloween in a rural house. It is a way to spend these days, with family or with friends. These are the days marked by the liturgical year dedicated to reminding saints, martyrs, and all the deceased faithful. In our region it is traditional to eat chestnuts and panellets. It is celebrated on the last day of October.

Celebrate the castanyada in good company. It is a popular party of Catalonia. They eat autumn fruits ...

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Search mushrooms in the Berguedà

Search for mushrooms in the Berguedà region is a guaranteed success. It’s a classic place to go and find. Mainly in the fall are great variety and number of mushrooms. We offer a route to find mushrooms from the rural house of the Baluard.

Search for mushrooms is synonymous with walking and enjoying nature. The ideal is to make a route and know places in our territory. Autumn offers unique images that invite you to enjoy the forest while ...

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Pedraforca the Berguedà mountain

Pedraforca is an emblematic mountain of Catalonia located in the Berguedà region. The name has a close relation to its form. It is a mountain singular because of its shape. Its structure looks like the fork and is made of stone.

Pedraforca is a magical mountain, conquers the people who can see it and who goes up falls in love with its beauty. It is located between Saldes and Gósol, in the high Berguedà. Its highest point has an ...

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Horrorland will be a new experience in Berguedà

Horrorland will be an experience to do on specific days in October and November. It is a concept of leisure and entertainment of terror. It will be the first Scream Park in southern Europe. It will have five experiences distributed in the ships of the industrial estate of Cercs under the old thermal power plant. A house of extreme terror.

Horrorland will be the first horror amusement park (Scream Park) in southern Europe. It will created by reference to ...

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Catalan donkey farm is Fuives

Farm to visit in the Berguedà region. It is an activity designed for the children of the family but parents will also have a great time. In the same municipality of Olvan, where we have our rural houses, you can find the World Centre of the Catalan Donkey.

Farm of the Catalan donkey. It is a place to enjoy these animals and their environment located in the middle of nature. The name of this animal, the donkey, also known ...

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Smell of spring in the rural home

Smell of nature surrounds us. We are on March 15 and we are already at the gates of spring. The days are extending and spring colours are coming out with their smells. It passes a winter with soft tones to spring that brings us intense colours. Our surroundings, of the rural house, are very beautiful. The green of the fields, the colours of flowers, the blue of the sky and the sun that shines, is very nice to ...

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